Free parking is available all throughout our BIA, on Royal York, Hay and Simpson. Please park in the properly marked areas. Do not block driveways, the bicycle path or alleyways.

You can find us in a variety of different ways;

  • Walking, biking, driving, bus or Go Train. It’s easy to get around Mimico Village by foot and since our BIA is quite small, its likely you’ll see everything that we have to offer.
  • Cyclists are welcome in Mimico Village. If you’re biking along the waterfront trail, make your way up Royal York where you’ll find us just past the Mimico Go Tracks.
  • Next stop…Mimico! If you happen to be riding the train, Mimico is the place to stop. Once you’re off the train and down those steps to Royal York, take a right and head in to Mimico Village and explore our BIA.
  • Driving, our BIA is easily accessible from the Queen Elizabeth Way by taking Islington South to Evans or Jutland. Or if you’re travelling along the Lake Shore, just head north on Royal York.
  • Taking the bus allows for many different options along Royal York as it runs right through our BIA. Going north will take you right up to the Royal York Subway. Heading south will take you down to Lake Shore where you can head west to New Toronto and Long Branch or east into Humber Bay Shores.